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How to save on shopping online: Pandora promotions, discounts, and promo codes

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Pandora catalog includes lots of jewelry to meet your every need: apart from famous bracelets, you can find earrings, rings, necklaces, pendants, watches, and other jewelry from Pandora! With the price policy and the availability of both exclusive and low-budget products, the company remains eye-catching by many types of customer shopping segments over 30 years. On top of that, there are various promotions and discounts that Pandora stores hold which help to buy the products from the popular brand at the best price.

Some of the Pandora promotions reward the client with a unique opportunity to buy jewelry with a massive discount, from the others it’s expected to get exclusive gifts from the company. Besides, the most famous way of cutting the price of jewelry is by using brand promo codes. The Pandora promo code is a unique combination of characters that gives special shopping benefits when entered at checkout. Please note that each promo code is valid for a limited time only so you need to check its validity before use.

To view the full list of the latest promotions and offers from the brand, please visit Pandora official website.

How to buy Pandora bracelets and other jewelry from the brand at the best price: loyalty program

If Pandora jewelry store is one of your favorites, becoming a member of a special loyalty program the company offers is highly recommended. Being a member of the Pandora club entitles you not only to use exclusive shopping benefits but also to be the first to access the new collections, as well as to enjoy the rest of the special bonuses from the brand. To become the loyalty program member is very easy – you need to fill in the form and create an account on the company’s website or log in using your Facebook account. Please visit Pandora website to get more details about the club membership.

How the Pandora charms and other jewelry pieces are created: the company’s history

Pandora company is presently one of the most popular brands around the world, which designs, creates and sells handcrafted jewelry made from high-quality materials at an affordable price.

The first Pandora store was opened by young jeweler Per Enevoldsen and his wife Winnie in 1982 in the center of Copenhagen. In the beginning, in the small 30 sq.m. shop they dealt in the original handcrafted jewelry brought from travels in Thailand. Step by step the company started to expand, and as early as 1987, the owners could hire their first designer and fully focus on the creation of jewelry of their own unique design. Also two years after, in 1989, a decision was taken to start the manufacturing of in-house jewelry in Thailand.

Аnd already in the year 2000, with the development of the new concept of bracelets with replacement pendant-charms, the company became unbelievably popular and successful. The exclusive Pandora charms made the brand hit new markets, including the US, German, and Australian markets. In the following years, the company managed to expand its global presence and increase the volume of in-house manufacture in Thailand.

So in 2005, the company opened its first factory in Thailand, which remains the main manufacturer of Pandora jewelry. Already in 2008, the company opened its second factory, and 2010 was a year of opening the second and the third factories in Thailand.

Today the company presents jewelry in 100 countries in 6 continents and has more than 7700 retail outlets including 2600 brand concept stores.


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